A Life Without Dreams Is Not Life

Since  we open our eyes for first time when we come out from our mamas belly we want something, we always go after something, the inside force that make our desires in that age are hunger and pain once we grow up we start feeling sexual desires that drives us crazy in the teenager times, then come the times when we feel the need of been with someone special and share the craziness and fire that hide inside our heart.

13435486_1317565861591768_2001921216031373234_n - copia

At the same time, it grows the need of been someone and contribute to our society. There is when our ambitions and dreams appear, sometimes we think we want to do or be something but then we realize that is not what we really want, and we start another passion until we find the real one, that passion that put our hearth on fire.


Chill Hood Dreams

When I was a little kid I always wanted to be a rock star so I start dressing like them and painting  my eyes black then I got boring and wanted to be an astronaut, read a lot of books of science and astronomy, but I saw how long time astronauts spend away from earth and I didn’t want to be one of them, I love been on earth even do I still want to go to the moon, the point is, while I grow up and learn about life my dreams and desire has change and still changing and will probably change until the day I die, but that’s the point of living, do everything that comes to your head with no limitation. For each dream that come true three more are born.


Dreams That Change The World

During history we have seen great leaders that with their dreams have made the world as we know it today.

John F. Kennedy the charismatic american president dreamed about a world without racial discrimination and 100 years later racial problems are about to disappear.

Others like Pancho Villa the Mexican liberator he dream with equality in the rights of the Mexican farmers, that take him to declare war on the Unites State. Or a man like Lee Kuan Yew the Singapore primer minister that take his country in a transition from the third world to first world with a high-class citizenship in a single generation, this people had their foot on the ground and understand the meaning of life and believe that the world can be a better place if we forget about our differences and do our contribution as a all. What am trying to say is that dreams come in different size, if this people had this kind of dreams and they have made them become real… then everything is possible as John Lennon say “You may say am a dreamer but am not the only one, I hope someday you will join us and the world will be as one.

Pancho Villa in war


Never To Late To Set A New Dream

“Everything you can imagine is real” Pablo Picasso

For me is been really hard to find out my path in life and am still looking, sometimes I feel lonely in my journey I think that’s  the price I have to pay for having such a big goals, people often don’t have big dreams everyone is looking for normal things, normal career, normal life nothing outside the box, that’s why my hearth get warm when I meet someone who dares to dream as big as their imagination and have the courage to make a plan and hustle, get it or die trying.



The Universe Is Your Partner

When hard times come and feels like giving up I think about the love of my mother and her daily prayers for me to heaven. Whether you believe in God or not, many times I entrusted myself to the mercy of God, people who say that prayers are useless don’t know what they are missing, in my own experience I know that after I prayed to God I was stronger than ever, it can be that the force comes directly from God or from the trust that is in him.


Do It With Love

Love is the motor of life, nothing is possible without  love, I am a lucky guy, I grow up with an amazing family and we love each other from here to the stars, everything I go after is for to make my loved ones proud, family, friends and the lady´s, with out women man are nothing, the happiest moments of my life is been in the side of a lady.


“In life there are only 4 important questions: what is sacred? what the spirit is made of? What is worth living? and What it is worth dying? and the only answer is LOVE ”

The libertine


Again thank you for passing by… wish you a life full of dreams and love.


Jordan Gonzalez


A Winter In Sweden

Winter Time

Am currently living in Sweden and I had the chance of feeling a couple of winters. In Mexico I had never see snow before, so I can say this is a great experience, of course looking at the snow is one thing and feeling the minus cold is another.



How It Feels

It is a memorable experience, when December is coming and we start to feel the Christmas spirit the heart get warm even if is cold outside, everyone is exited buying Christmas present, then new years eve´s come and is a lot of party  and quality time with the family, this time is busy and I literally don’t care so much about how cold it is, all though been a summer boy winter is a big deal for  me.




Short Days Long Nights

This was a new thing for me, I think is really cool, in the middle  of the winter is almost  5 hours of day life then the rest is dark  and you wake up and is night you go to bed and is night, the time is perfect for staying in bed all the time.

Sunny winter day
Ice river 
Winter sunset


What To Do In Winter

It is lot of things to do in winter like ice skate but of course I am not good at anyone of them but is always fun to try.

What most people do in Sweden is travel during winter time, after new years everyone go to warm places like Thailand or Mexico, is not like winter time is so bad, is just that the body needs some D vitamin.




Romantic Snow

I think snow is beautiful and romantic, you can play with, make snow angels and take pictures, the only thing I find a little annoying is that  we have to wear big clothes all the time and cover all the body and the sexiness disappear, I try to look sexy in winter but not always work.



I had to do this before I die
Summer boy


I hope everyone is enjoying winter time around the world and again  thanks for passing by and checking my blog, it means the world to me.

With love…

Jordan Gonzalez

Once In Cyprus

Cyprus Time

I thought it could be cool going to Cyprus since I have read so much history since some thousand years ago, and I also wanted to get some color and swim in the Mediterranean and of course eat Cyprus food.

Airport time
Business and pleasure

The Most Important Moment

For me the most important time in a trip is when I get out the plane and put my first step into the ground, after this moment I can die in peace and in the history of my life will be written one more country conquered.


Feeling welcome with local beer

Tour To The Mountains

This is in north Cyprus, the city is located in the coast surrounded by majestic mountains, so we book a tour from our hotel, those people are very kind and  helpful, mostly everyone has 3 passport, Turkish, Cyprus and Greek very cool, and they took us in an old jeep trough the old ways that Romans use like 800 years ago to bring  clay from the mountains and build their fortress in Greece.

There in the top it feels like you can touch the sky, it gets colder the closest you get to the clouds.


Roman road
Top view



Smell peace 




The Beauty of The Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea has witnessed the rise and fall of many civilizations in the human history, in some how you can imagine how many souls been around. And in the north Cyprus, the sea has an special feeling of been old, is blue like the sky and its refreshing water clear like a crystal in mostly every beach around.







Old Fortress 

Nicosia Capital City

I think this is one of the oldest cities in the world that still alive through innumerable invasions from different empires in the old times and in the new era, it has a lot of history and buildings remains byzantine empire, roman, English and many others.

It is the house of many prominent banks and brokerage houses since the country is low regulated by international institutions, it is also divided, in one side is Greek and in the other Cyprus that belong to turkey.

The city is busy, every day tourist come and go taking pictures, shopping eating and drinking Turkish coffee.

Nicosia street
Shopping street
Old plaza


Nicosia down town 
Tourist time

Drink And Food

I spend my time in the beach and the swimming pool mostly reading since I am information addicted, things I am passionate about like business and philosophy. But also eating and partying as usual, party is in my Mexican blood I think it will never go away I hope when I die, the place I go it is music, so we can keep la fiesta.




Hungry time


The famous margarita

Thank you for passing by and checking my blog, it makes me really happy.

With love..

Jordan Gonzalez


Once In Thailand

Magnificent Places

This trip was back in 2015 after feeling what is like the Swedish winter going to the beach and sun was one of my biggest relieves mostly because I am a summer boy.

I think any place in the world where I haven’t been will be beautiful to me, but Thailand is over impressing mostly for the white sand in the beach and the imposing nature.

Phi phi Island
Phi phi Island


Somewhere in Koh Lanta
Phi phi Island

Big Buda In Phuket

This incredible architecture is in the top of a mountain in Phuket, so we took a taxi that drive us all the way up, there is little babies elephants that pose for pictures with  tourist and is hard to see how humans are so cruel against this animals.

But anyway when we got to the top all the ladies most cover themselves so the priests that live there don’t get any impure thoughts and commit mental sin, I think you can commit more sins when you wonder what is like when you see less.

Big Buda Phuket
Buda Temple
Getting the blessing
Religious items

Back-crashing Massage

One of the best things to do in Thailand is take a massage, right in front of the beach, they have types of. I took some Thai coconut massage, the lady took me and crash my back so many times that I thought she was mad, but she wasn’t and when she finish was no sing of stress at all.

Massage time
Massage ladies


Romantic Sunsets

Every night you can see the sun coming down in the horizon, for me is heavenly romantic, is like a background God send us to enjoy with our loved ones, and so, our souls can connect better.

Phi phi Island
Koh lanta

Time for The Sea

The sea looks just like in the movie Pirates Of The Caribbean and is like a 100 different island around to visit, we went to one that was full of Chinese tourist, they are kind of funny because they don’t take the sun instead they bring big umbrellas and cover their all body, not bikini at all, they say been brown is sing of low social class.

26856790_1922469874434694_1080826149_n (1)

Taxi boat
Thai guide
Thai fish
Nap time

Tourist Time

Life goes so fast there, every day is busy with activities or drinking thai beer, or snake tequila shot (that test nasty). Thai people are super friendly they like to take you in their moto taxi everywhere they charge a couple of baht (thai money), and they also try to sell you a lot of fake stuff that cost nothing.

We were out every night eating good food and partying as usual, everywhere is full of tourist and everyone is friendly even the local ladyboy.




Snake tequila shot


This is the most spice food I have ever eat




Thank you for passing by I hope you enjoy it.

Jordan Gonzalez


Once In Oslo

First Trip By Myself

This was the first trip I made by myself back in 2016, I was going alone to stay in an Airbnb room, I was scare, my thinking was “shit I am going to spend my days all alone in this city”. But everything happen just that I was never alone.

Cancun, International Airport.

As soon I arrived my dedicated hostess was waiting for me at least 3 hours, I took the wrong tram at least 5 times before getting to my destination, I got desperate but then I met the lady how owns the Airbnb and everything change, she was super funny and easy going, we got to the room and  it was alt least 5 more travelers with almost same history as me, living at the same house.

As a good Mexican I always bring tequila to my trips so after a couple hours we were all drunk and happy, there was when I realize that traveling alone was one of the best decision of my life.


Tourist Time

My first day in Oslo was cold and rainy, the end of the summer sometimes is like that, but that doesn’t stop my new friends and I to explore around.

Oslo is a beautiful city, it has so much history and Is always full of tourist, people seem to be really nice and open mind and for me all around smell wealth since Oslo is one of the most expensive city in the world.

Naked sculpture 
Thor Weapon
Opera house


Small World

When I was living in Mexico I had the great opportunity of meeting people from all over the world and back then I thought I will never see them in my life again, but life is crazy and the world really small. I feel so fortunate of having such amazing people in my life, even if we did not took picture together everyone is in my hearth.

Adoptive Sister
Norway Brotherhood
Sister, Tourist Guide

About Getting Drunk In Oslo

I get drunk kind of fast so in Oslo is a good thing because the alcohol is 5 times more expensive than Mexico, I heard that before, but I wasn’t sure until I saw it, it is 100% true.  But in somehow, I was drunk every night, even do the bars and clubs close early during the week even on weekends.

Mexican tequila, Norway price.


I enjoyed Oslo meet a lot of cool people, visit gay bars, talk to strangers, even dance salsa latinos are everywhere, party a lot and took a couple of pictures.

Down Town
Down Town 
Opera House


Norway Palace


Ready for war
Somewhere in Oslo 
Mini something
Oslo Norway

Thank you for passing by and I hope one day destiny bring us together so we can say hi.

With Love..

Jordan Gonzalez

A New Year´s Eve in Sweden

Celebration Time

Sweden is a rich country in traditions and culture and in the end of the year there is celebration almost every day, starting with Christmas which is extremely family time, there is presents everywhere and so much shopping.

Swedish shopping mall

New Year’s Eve

Everyone is eating dinner with the family out in a restaurant or at home, this day people are happy eating and drinking. The last days of the year the only store that sells alcohol in Sweden have a queue sometimes 20 meters outside the store, is not a secret that Swedish people drink a lot of alcohol.


Time To Party

New years eve for me (a crazy Mexican)  is about party and drinking tequila, but in Sweden the champagne test better, maybe because is so cold, so we watch the fireworks  that are not different than any other part in the world and the night start.

Swedish fireworks
Mexican fireworks

YOLO (You Only Live Once)

At this time of my life New Years eve is so important and can’t even think about going home and sleep early, maybe after some years. Because for me the fact that I have survive one more year meet lots of cool people and spread love all over is an unquestionable reason to celebrate.




New Year’s Resolutions

As 2017 past it took all with it, if I look back then at 2017 plans, some of them  were just words and don’t matter anymore because is not an easy work to know what is really important for us until  we try to do those things, but there are some goals that still matter and more than ever, like fitness and health, money and power and the strong desire of moving forward in life.

We have different goals for 2018 and been honest we not always make them reality, but we need to try with the hearth and spirit, because is the only way that will help us to reach an all-new level of awareness that can make our life richer happier and full of wonderful experiences.




Thank you for passing by, my wish is that trough my life and my words you find some motivation to live, to love and enjoy every second of this beautiful life.

Eternally in love with  life….

Jordan Gonzalez

Why 2017 Was An Amazing Year

1-  Elon Musk The Main Hero Of 2017

I think we are all agree that Elon Musk has been the big hero in 2017, hate or love him  he has change the way we see reality, from revolutionize the car industry with his company “Tesla Motors”,  accelerate the process of colonization of Mars trough “Space X” and making a faster and better transportation with “The boring company”.


Why Is This Great For The Humanity?

With his idea of making accessible electric cars to the masses we are accelerating the transition to a 100% renewable energy to keep our planet clean from fossil fuels and so on put our planet one step back to the climate disaster, this situation has make that countries like China, Norway, France and many others establish a dead line to eliminate the use of fossil fuels.

Tesla Model 3 cars are seen as Tesla holds an event at the factory handing over its first 30 Model 3 vehicles to employee buyers at the company’s Fremont facility in California


Right now, many countries have their own project to put electric and self-driving cars in their streets, for me this is really exciting I am 100% sure that it will take less than 5 years until we can take a flying taxi.



Mars Colonization

Space X has ambitious plans about space exploration, it makes me think that I will be able to go to the moon as a tourist in less than 10 years, they have revolutionized the space industry making space expeditions cheaper, faster and safer, imagine that soon we going to answer so many question about our solar system that in 6,000 years of written history we haven’t been able to answer.



Faster Transportation

Musk is also working in a tunnel that will fix the traffic problem in LA, his plan makes so much sense that the boring company has already start with the work, this is a very sophisticate project, the tunnel is made it to support high speed such as Hyperloop technology, and Musk has said; It would travel between New York and Washington DC in just 29 minutes.


It is actually to much to write about musk projects and their benefits for the humanity that will probably take  more than 1,000 pages.


I have great respect and admiration for Elon Musk because he doesn’t care if the odds are against him if it is a problem to solve in the world he just starts working and never give up.

this is elon

2- Markets All Time Highs

The S&P 500 INDEX that is an American stock index based in the market capitalization of the 500 most prominent American companies having a common stock listed in NYSE or NASDAC, because of its diverse constituency and weighting methodology it is considered one of the best indicators of the U.S stock market and the wealth of the U.S. economy.

Source: Yahoo finance

At the time I write this it has reach all times highs levels showing us that the world is positive and getting richer, people have jobs and are spending lots of money, we don’t know how the economy will perform in 2018 but during 2017 it was a glorious bullish market.

3- Unemployment Reach Record Low Levels

Unemployment in Germany dropped to 5.6% in September, its lowest level since reunification, jobless rates in japan, Hong Kong, the U.S., Israel , the U.K. and Portugal among others countries, hit 15 years lows.

market 1
Source: Bloomberg

4- Jeff Bezos Become The Richest Person In The World, Leaving Bill Gates Behind 

With Amazon, the biggest retail website in the U.S. among his other investment Jeff Bezos has become the richest man on earth, focusing strictly in customer real satisfaction, Bezos has taken Amazon to the sky with every share trading at $1,180,00 making shareholders extremely richer.

market 2
Source: Bloomberg

5- The Blockchain Technology Surprised Everyone

Is a new way of store and record transactions being very much like a traditional data base but the blocks are link together cryptographically in order to make sure they are tamper proof.


Blockchain technology was invented in 2008 to create a digital currency. I believe this technology will have a huge impact on the way our society runs, the way our government runs and the way we interact each other not just in economic or financial transactions but in our daily life. Experts says that blockchain technology is at least at significant as the development of the internet, if the internet bring us instant digital communication then the blockchain technology will bring us instant digital asset transfer and security of data moving.

Blockchain , Distributed ledger technology , bitcoin concept. Electric circuit graphic and infographic of Block chain , network connect , security , binary coded icons.

With efficiency, confidentiality, security and trust blockchain could slash the cost of transactions and reshape the economy.

6- The Boom Of Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies

Backed with the blockchain technology 2017 was an intense year for the cryptocurrency world, with Bitcoin in the front with a market capitalization of $247,580,741,660 billion followed by Etherum with $73,843,836,749 billion of market cap. Is been a big revolution in the way we spend money, many millennials have become millionaires in the process while others have lost a fortune, but in the end what really matters is that we are facing one of the biggest step into the future in all history of humanity.


7- Looking Into The Future

Is been many greats things achieved in 2017 to talk about: like discovering a way to edit the genes, this discovery open the door to the possibility of cure hereditary disease that until now still incurable, and why not to mention the incredible advances of artificial intelligent, that is coming to be a part of our daily life improving the way we work and live, but sadly its going to replace many professions and people will have to learn to make a living in a work industry dominated by machines.


I am also impressed with the virtual reality project  that Facebook is developing, it can be so cool to be able to hangout with your friends around the world using only glasses.


Among other things one of the most beautiful is the way humanity is moving forward technologically but also spiritually, is like an awakening where we are more aware of our human nature and we are understanding that we have to be together and really accept our differences to evolve as a society to create a world full of happiness and peace, this environment can lead us to answer question that until this days still a mystery.



Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed.

With Love

Jordan Gonzalez