Falkenberg! Little Swedish Town

Falkenberg is a municipality and a city in the province of Halland, Sweden. It takes about one hour in the train from Gothenburg the second biggest city in Sweden, It has a population of approximately 40,000 people. And is really beautiful.

The Beach

Here is the biggest beach I have see in Sweden, of course nobody come here in winter, but people who lives there said that in summer is full of tourist and is party all the time.




The River

It is also a river that go out to the sea, and cross in the middle of the town, I do not know how it looks in winter full of ice and snow, but with the sunshine it is spectacular.





In Town

The place is amazing, a lot of big houses and there is a old church in the middle with a great old architecture, I went out for a drink with people who lives there and seems like everyone know each other, what I think is amazing, you go out and say hello to everyone.




I think Sweden is a country that have a lot of towns like Falkenberg and everyone of them are super beautiful and unique, One day I will visit all of them so I can understand better the Swedish culture.




Thank you for passing by… wish you the best.


Jordan Gonzalez

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Passionate about life and its pleasures, I travel, eat, live and repeat.

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