A Little Bit Of Norway

Summer Timeeeee

Norway is one of my favorites countries, I like the landscapes, the cities and the party. Now in summer is more beautiful than ever, it is so different from winter I think everyone prefer summer.





This is small city not so far away from Oslo, it is located in both side of the river Drammenselva, here lives approximately 68,000 people, Drammen is also Norway’s main export port for cars and fruit.




There are little mountains in both side of the city, for to get there we went trough the Drammen spirals, even do is not to high, the view is amazing, you can see almost the all city and when is shining and hot you can get pretty good pictures.



We spend the all days doing barbecue and dancing, and in the night we went to the only big club, it is very full on weekends and like any other club in the world people dance, get drunk and commit great sins.





I love Oslo, is always full of tourist and because I been there many times, I kind of know where to go.

This time we went to see the futbol game: Brasil vs Norway, (the veterans) it is very surprising how many Brazilians are living there.




I love the night-life in Oslo, I am a party boy, but I cant never party as hard as Norwegians. When me and my friends are already over happy, Norwegians are about to start the night, that is the viking spirit.



If you wanna travel to Scandinavia summertime is the best, days are long and it is just more happiness plus you can wear any clothes you want, the less the better.


Thank you  for passing by my dear… it is always a pleasure.

With Love…

Jordan Gonzalez

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Passionate about life and its pleasures, I travel, eat, live and repeat.

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