Is Life Worth It?

What Is Life?

Life is the aspect of existence that, acts, reacts, evaluates and evolves through growth (reproduction and metabolism) and at some point has to die. Although dying is a natural condition that I have not been able to understand, of which we will deepen on another occasion.

Is Life Worth It?

I always ask myself: What is the reason for our existence? If this really is all, be born to live and die, what about all the work and effort? if in the end we die and leave everything behind.


The Reality

We are fortunate to have conscience, unlike animals our spirit is aware of life, which makes it more painful and stormy, because the years pass like the wind and there is no one to stop it. The sun rises and goes down, it will be so, tomorrow and after tomorrow and forever. I have found more bitter than death, the knowledge that every day that passes, the time of the end approaches, and who will know what happens after dying?


Follow Your Hearth

So enjoy your youth, and make all the desires from your hearth come true, eat, drink, dress well, laugh, give pleasure to your life, but be careful, and do not go where is excess, because there you accelerate the days of your death, to go to the place where there is no longer hope.

Life Is A Gift

I consider life as a gift, a borrowed gift, maximum 100 years in our days, a gift of 100 years of life to do with them what you want, everything is in your hands, the possibilities are endless. But wait, there are more gifts! (talents) we all have at least one, something we know how to do naturally, a secret skill! Is not wonderful? But there is more … the best, and it is for everyone, for you for me and even for my grandmother, this gift is the ability to LEARN, we can learn absolutely everything our heart desires, and in this times it is easier than ever, we live in what I call “the golden age of humanity” internet, books, workshops, etc., etc.


In the end, these 100 years can be a blessing, full of wonderful experiences, pleasure and wisdom or misery, frustration and forgetfulness.


With love..

Jordan Gonzalez

Eternally in love with life

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Passionate about life and its pleasures, I travel, eat, live and repeat.

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