A Real Autumn

Golden Days

In one of this autumn days I went to the forest, I usually go there to relax, connect with the nature and admire her wisdom, I walked and enjoyed that wonderful scenario, the trees that some days earlier were totally green, had turned yellow and red. For me, that grow up in mexico in a tropical world, this is something worth sharing, that is why I took my camera and got some pictures for you.


eaaf041e-cd46-41fa-9b77-f333d4a0fea7 - copia




Life And Nature

I admire the complexity of nature, everything happens in perfection and in harmony, autumn never tells the summer “now I go first”. Simply the one comes after another, year after year for the rest of eternity. We live and die, just like the summer disappear into the red autumn, the autumn becomes dark long winter and then the queen spring come to give us live again with a shiny hot summer.







Getting Fresh

Now is getting colder, the sun shine strong but loose his warm power in his way to earth, for me is a great time to drink a good glass of wine and read interesting books, it feels cozy.






My dear friend, I hope this autumn bring in to your life unforgettable adventures.

With love….

Jordan Gonzalez

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Passionate about life and its pleasures, I travel, eat, live and repeat.

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