I Have Become A Farmer Boy!

Ranch Life!

Here is one of the most tranquilo places you can find on earth, there is no stress and no internet, what is good for to stop this addiction.



This Lifestyle

The people who lives here doesn’t expect to much of life, their ranch and animals are everything, every other weekend they take the bus at 3 am and go to the city for the shopping and come back in the afternoon, and that is everything, some of them never go to the city, just live the tranquilo life. Surprisingly they look very happy, like nothing is missing, at some point this is true, because if you do not know what you can get,  you do not wish for, they you find yourself with everything you want.




Natural food!

Here everyone have food, even if they do not have a job, in every house there is at least 20 chicken going around, if they don’ t have money they just kill one chicken take the vegetables from the garden and that’s it.




I like coming to this places, mostly because remind me my childhood. I grow up in a place like this, just a little smaller and no electricity, only me and my family, we had nothing but at the same time we had everything. Now I travel  the world and speak many languages, LIFE IS SWEET. I can’t express with words how grateful I am with the life, for the opportunity I get to make my dreams come true and play the game day after day.





This is a little bit of the life in the farm…. very soon I will be posting more of what is going on around here…. so lets keep in touch.


Jordan Gonzalez

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Passionate about life and its pleasures, I travel, eat, live and repeat.

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