This Is Mahahual

The Little Town

Mahahual was a little fishing town until the end of XX century, from there has become a very important tourist destination, is a port of international cruise ships, arriving 1 or two every day.



The Beach

Like any other place in the Mexican Caribbean the beach is beautiful even with the dead seaweed, the sand is white and the ocean blue plus the right temperature for the perfect tan.




The Best Place To Chill

Since this place is not that popular, still not saturate with tourist, so is pretty chill and this give an unique opportunity to discover the real Mexican lifestyle, what I think most of the real travelers are looking for.




What Is Coming

Is only a matter of time, and this place will be full of 5 stars resort and saturate with international tourist, what is good for the local economy.

So now is the time to come and take a look. I am openly promoting to the world this beautiful place, everyone is welcome and if I am around I give you a personal tour.

I hope everyone have the opportunity one day to enjoy the beautiful beaches and the daily sky full of stars.





Thank you for checking out my blog… see you around .

With love:

Jordan Gonzalez

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Passionate about life and its pleasures, I travel, eat, live and repeat.

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