Growing up !

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Evolving is a process that must be started as soon as possible, it’s not something that happens automatically, it’s a choice you have to take. How many people do you know who are old in age but still think and act like a teenager? They have made the choice to not evolve. And you? What decision do you take?

For me learning is a passion, something that I have to do. Sometimes knowledge can be overwhelming, but ignorance is fatal. With the time I have realized that for many people to live is an effortless logical continuation, but the truth is that if you do not make any effort to evolve you regress.

Learning is a privilege that unfortunately is not available to everyone. So if you have the opportunity to do it, to enrich yourself with all kinds of arts, science, history and…

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Passionate about life and its pleasures, I travel, eat, live and repeat.

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