In the beginning God made the man as his image and appearance and gave him life, and gave him power over others beings on earth.

If this is true, we are in fact made as a copy of God, then the biggest lie in the garden was not about eating the fruit or not, it may be that it was about planting a doubt in their mind, questioning our divine nature, and finally succeed, because maybe that was the devils ultimate goal, he knows the human power and he developed a master plan to take away from humans the awareness of their great power, so not knowing what we are and what we are capable of we embark on a journey of self discovery that until now it has last 6ooo years, (this time is what we hold on written history), this journey has been under our lower capabilities and weakness and because of that we fight and kill each other since the beginning even though we know that the wiser and better path is to work together as a race (human race).

I believe If we do that, (collective enlightenment) we could hope to realize and raise awareness of who we really are ? And that we belong to the universe which is infinite, who know what lays in the other side? It may be richness, life and beings that govern certain part of the universe under their own laws and believes, that are far away to be human.
No man has ever go beyond, no mind ever imagine what kind of things exist further away beyond the stars. That’s why I strongly believe that if we hadn’t believe the biggest lie in the garden we could have access to all what it is outside already, maybe it doesn’t belong to us, but it is our right and pleasure to explore what is beyond as a tourist for example, but now we must work and develop machines to get out in the space and overcome 0 gravity, when as the wonderful creatures we are, we could easy go beyond and travel, using magic.

Thanks for reading and by the way these are only thoughts of mine, they come to me as I look further for enlightenment, I may be wrong and I wish, I am always capable to look over myself and and run away from that terrible sin that follows every man on earth, (the sin of thinking that he knows the absolute truth). being so, I humbly hope some wandering soul like mine reach me and give me another point of view that enlight my often darken path.

Thank you

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Passionate about life and its pleasures, I travel, eat, live and repeat.

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